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Re-imagining our bioeconomy, and opening doors to innovative and sustainable development in material processing and production.



Carbon Sequestration and Promoting Sustainable Development.

We are on a mission to redefine how we use carbon;  remodeling residual material  management and promoting an innovative supply network.


The G2-Next Gen technology will create a carbon storage solution in the form of a carbon negative renewable raw material. 

RDA Technologies Inc. is a Canadian / Polish partnership that owns and licenses the G2-Next Gen technology.

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Donald G. LeBlanc, P.Eng.

Halifax, Canada

President of RDA Atlantic Inc, Don and his companies have been involved in engineering and construction of over 3000 commercial and industrial projects in Canada and Europe over the last 35 years.

Many of these projects involved complex technologies in processing raw materials into value products.

Don is a graduate of the Dalhousie University school of engineering in Halifax, Canada. His focus has been on applying energy efficient technologies to building and processing systems design.

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Jan Gladki, MSc.

Kraków, Poland

As a recognized global pioneer and expert in biochar production and utilization,  Mr. Gladki has over 48 impressive years in thermal technology and autothermal design. As the president and founder of Fluid S.A., Mr. Gladki is the inventor of specialized pyrolysis technology, and joint-patent holder for G2-Next Gen technology; a next level generation of his patented G1-Gen reactor, which have been in service in various capacities for the past 14 years years. Mr. Gladki is known for constructing and operating the largest commercial biochar facility of its kind in Europe, and has published numerous papers and books on biochar production and use during his distinguished career. 

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Selected Research Milestones



Jan Gladki, working in cooperation with scientists and specialists to research the various properties of biochar and biochar production - focused on energy, agriculture, construction.



Biochar production trials with the first generation G1-Gen reactors were carried out under the personal supervision of Jan Gładki. Laboratory tests were carried out by Częstochowa University of Technology by GIG Katowice; ICHPW Zabrze; SGS Fresenius laboratory Berlin.

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